Technology bridges the gap to create a sustainable community where no one is left behind

Realization of a society in which diverse actors support each other
Realization of a society where no one is left behind
Creating an intergenerational community
People are the most important resource for the community


What is Thank You Token?

Thank you tokens (ThxU) are cryptocurrency in the broad sense and local currency in the narrow sense.In Japan, there was a boom in local currencies in the early 2000s, and many local governments introduced local currencies to revitalize their communities.
However, many of them were forced to stop issuing due to sustainability issues. The main reasons areOperational burden (currency issuance, administration, etc.)Financial burden.Lack of community penetration.The solution to these problems is ThxU.By putting it on an existing blockchain, it can improve the burden of operations and finances, and data analysis can be used to take effective measures.In addition to the "desire for self-fulfillment," "desire for socialization," and "desire for recognition" that motivate people to participate in the community, we will promote further activation by combining the incentive system called ThxU.Since there are almost no municipalities that have introduced crypto currencies as local currency, this project is also meant to be a demonstration experiment.

How does it work?

Local gvernments send a request to the Thank you token project.

To create a framework for a "sustainable community society" by using ThxU

If you pass the screening, Thank you token project will distribute ThxU to the local government

Local governments aim to use ThxU to revitalize their local communities.

Since there are different ways to revitalize communities in different areas, we will not be involved in how ThxU is used as long as it achieves the goal of creating a "sustainable community society.

Value provided by Thank you token project

Zero burden of issuing currency

By using cryptographic assets on existing blockchains, the cost of issuing and managing local currencies is greatly reduced.

Provide wallet application

Provides a wallet application for storing, sending, and receiving ThxU, and is easy to implement with no need for a dedicated terminal

Provide data analysis tools

Finding the best solution for community revitalization through repeated trial and error with data analysis

Accumulation and provision of know-how

Accumulate and share case studies from each region as knowledge to further revitalize the community

Value enhancement through ThxU diffusion

Increase the value of ThxU through promotion activities and increase the effectiveness of incentive programs

Use case of ThxU

local government to residents

Volunteer and participate in community events

Cleanup and beautification activities, trash recycling activities, support for the elderly and disabled, learning support for children, promotion of traditional culture, support for disaster victims, support for foreign students, sports events and city walks to promote health, PR events for local products, flea markets, etc.


residents to local government/company

Providing assets that are not in use or operating (idle assets)

Unused land, space, farmland, vacant houses, vacant stores, vacant rooms, equipment and vehicles that are no longer in use, etc.


residents to store

Providing products that cannot be sold at regular prices

Expired food products, substandard vegetables and fruits, flawed and unsalable products, out of shape and unsold products, products that are no longer in demand and unsold, etc.


Resident to resident

Local mutual aid activities, use of local knowledge

We will provide support for various problems that arise in daily life, such as difficulty in carrying heavy loads, difficulty in going shopping alone, help with shoveling snow, weeding, etc. We will utilize the knowledge and experience of the retired generation, support for child-rearing by the parents' generation, and support for seniors who are not comfortable with using digital technology. Support, etc.



About the details of ThxU

  • ThxU is a token that exists on Solana
  • ThxU is a token of support for the local community
  • ThxU can be purchased by investors, including individuals.

[Token Address]


[Token Allocation]

development and operation15%Used for labor costs, development costs, etc. related to the project
local government20%Provided to municipalities that have installed ThxU
marketing5%Used for marketing activities
liquidity(DEX & CEX)30%Listing on DEX and CEX
staking reward15%Used as a reward for ThxU holders
total100%Total number of tokens issued: 1 billion

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